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1992 The milky way

1992 Kunta kinte

1993 My attitude

1993 Mission of love

1995 Play this song

1996 Lift U up

1996 I´m on fire

1996 Universal love

1996 Lift me up

1997 Freak out

1997 Magic flight

1998 Flashback

1998 Sisters and brothers

1998 Feel the vibe

1999 New years day

2000 Summer in space

2007 Straight to the top

2008 We love the 90´s

2008 Blow me away

2009 Lift U up 2009

2009 Release your soul

2010 Push it up

2011 Don´t stop

2012 Let the music play

2013 Fire inside

2014 She´s after my piano


Play this song

Freak out

Magic flight


Straight to the top

We love the 90´s

Blow me away

Push it up

Let the music play

She´s after my piano



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Super stranka

(Mistr, 12. 5. 2012 12:29)

Chtel bych pochvalit tvurce teto stranky je to užasne, všechno hudba meho mládí na ktere jsem byl odkojenej. Moc díky je to užasne!