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Obrazek SINGLY:

2000 Spinning around

2000 On a night like this

2000 Kids

2000 Please stay

2001 Your disco needs you

2001 Can´t get you out of my head

2001 In your eyes

2002 Love at first sight

2002 Come into my world

2003 Slow

2004 Red blooded woman

2004 Chocolate

2004 I believe in you

2005 Giving you up

2007 2 hearts

2008 Wow

2008 In my arms

2008 All I see

2008 The one

2010 All the lovers

2010 Get outta my way


Spinning around

On a night like this


Please stay

Your disco needs you

Can´t get you out of my head

In your eyes

Love at first sight

Come into my world


Red blooded woman


I believe in you

Giving you up

2 hearts


In my arms

All I see

The one

All the lovers

Get outta my way



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