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1992 Don´t talk just kiss

1992 I´m too sexy

1992 Deeply dippy

1992 Those simple things / Daydream

1993 Stick it out

1993 Love for all seasons

1996 Bumped

1996 Hands up for (for lovers)

1996 Living on a dream

1996 Everybody loves me

2001 You´re my mate

2001 Mojive

2001 Lovesong

2002 Stand up (For the champions)

2003 I love you but I don´t like you

2003 We are the Freds

2003 We are the champs

2004 The wizard

2007 Where do you go to my lovely?

2007 I´m too sexy 2007

2008 I´m a celebrity

2009 Sexy bum

2010 Stand up (For the chamions) feat. Höhner

2010 Viva Südafrika (feat. Höhner)


Don´t talk just kiss

I´m too sexy

Deeply dippy

Those simple things


Stick it out

Love for all seasons

Hands up (for lovers)

You´re my mate



Stand up (For the champions)

I love you but I don´t like you

We are the Freds

The wizard

Where do you go to my lovely?

I´m too sexy 2007

I´m a celebrity

Sexy bum

Stand up (for the champions)



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