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1995 Booyah (Here we go)

1995 Shakalaka

1996 Wot

1996 Never alone

1997 I´ll die for you

1997 Everything´s gonna be alright

1997 Don´t go away

1998 Shout (Let it all out)

1999 U make my love come down

2000 Trying to be me

2001 For the lonely

2001 Cinderella

2001 Boyfriend

2002 Read my mind

2003 Here on my own (Lighter shade of blue)

2003 Unforgiven

2004 Life is cool

2004 Somewhere

2004 After the lights

2004 This christmas / More than love

2005 Killing me DJ

2005 Everything´s gonna be alright (Reborn)

2006 Addicted

2006 Here comes the sun

2009 We can work it out

2009 Crash landed



Booyah (Here we go)


I´ll die for you

Everything´s gonna be alright

Don´t go away

Shout (Let it all out)

Trying to be me

For the lonely



Read my mind

Here on my own (Lighter shade of blue)


More than love

Everything´s gonna be alright (Reborn)


We can work it out

Crash landed



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